Are you eligible for a rebate from Sydney Water?

If you’ve arranged a plumber and paid out of pocket expenses for a pipe blockage that’s just outside your property, it’s likely that the pipe is the responsibility of Sydney Water and you may be entitled to a rebate. To find out more, visit Sydney Water. (link to: https://www.sydneywater.com.au/SW/plumbing-building-developing/plumbing/wastewater-blockages/index.htm)

Blocked drains and leaking pipes can become a very serious if not detected and resolved. Raw sewage contains harmful bacteria and can cause illness if it is exposed through leaking or burst pipes. Please give us a call for an inspection if you notice any of the following signs that may indicate a drainage issue:

· An overflowing sink

· A toilet that is slow to empty

· Mould, stains or dampness on floors and walls

· A persistent, unpleasant odour

· Escape of sewage and dirty water onto your land

· Pipes that become blocked repeatedly

Other rebates you may be entitled to

Sydney Water may reimburse you for water issues such as:

· Interruptions to water and wastewater supplies

· Overflow of wastewater

· Low water pressure

· Poor water quality